Nobody Cares About "All Day Comfort"

Plantronics and Jawbone brag that their high-end headsets are comfortable enough to wear all day.

That begs a question: Who the hell wants a headset in their ear for hours on end?

Said another way, who wants to be Bluetooth Guy?

Look around. How many people do you see wearing headsets when they're not talking? Not very many and certainly fewer than five or ten years ago, when it was briefly geek chic.

Attitudes have changed.  For instance, what goes through your mind when you see someone wearing a headset who's not on a call? It's probably not a flattering thought.

Comfort comes from putting a headset in your ear at the start of a call, then talking handsfree. And then removing the damn thing from your ear when the call ends, putting it to bed until needed next.

In short, All Day Comfort comes from you controlling your headset, not the other way around.

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