Happy New Year = Handsfree New Year

2014 is going out the way it came in - Hectic & Always Connected.  Did you know that Americans average a dozen mobile calls per day per person? This time of year those include calling while shopping, getting that check-in call from your teen while out for the evening, or closing that year-end deal.

The Holiday Season has been a great reminder that handling those 3 billion daily calls is much harder than it needs to be. I'm always struck watching people talk on their phones at the mall or the airport, as they suffer through the experience because of how physically awkward it is.

Shoulder Cradling and Elbow Locking are the two most common ways we hold the phone to our ear. Neither feels good, especially when a call goes long. Heck, you can cross over into certain definitions of torture when a call goes too long.

Relief comes from no longer dedicating a hand to holding the phone. Relief = Handsfree.

Handsfree is the most pleasant word in the world when it comes to talking on the phone. Yet handsfree is mostly associated with driving. But what about talking while walking, working and riding? Handsfree is just as valuable there, perfectly pleasant and productivity boosting all in one.

#HandsfreeEverywhere is the new way to be in the New Year. Natural • Balanced • Liberating

#HandsfreeEverywhere is the easiest self-improvement step you can take this new year. Easy to do, easy on the wallet, instant benefits, easy to continue.

Simply buy a BluBed. Use it with an existing headset or buy a new headset for anywhere from $30 to $130. The latest headsets are great: great battery-life and great sound both.

So you can be #HandsfreeEverywhere for as little as $50. That small investment will give you a hand, literally. Use your newly liberated hand to text, look-up stuff, take notes, carry a bag, hold a loved one's hand or hoist a mug.

You'll be #HandsfreeEverywhere and happier in the New Year as a result.

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