Apple Watch stimulates #HandsfreeEverywhere

The Apple Watch leads to the iPhone staying in your pocket much more than before, says Techcrunch's Matthew Pazarino in a post titled The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved. Why pull out your phone when you can see and send messages, check and make appointments, and take and make calls, all from your wrist? 

Taking and making calls are different than the other activities however. Notwithstanding Tim Cook's Dick Tracy fixation, who wants to hold their wrist up to their mouth for all but the briefest of calls? Also, who wants to broadcast their call to everybody in earshot of Apple's wearable speakerphone?

In short, the Apple Watch stimulates the need for ready access to a headset, which in turn is enabled by a headset holster.  The Apple Watch goes a step further than previous smart watches in this regard: not only does it give you caller ID, but now you can initiate calls right from the watch.  So now neither the taking or making of calls requires touching the phone.  Thus the phone takes a big step towards becoming an out-of-sight personal server.

An Apple Watch, a BluBed Holster and the headset of your choice are now the ideal #HandsfreeEverywhere combination. It's about more than time. It's about freedom.

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