BluBeds are original headset holsters. In a world that seeks NEW, they are NEW.

BluBeds are designed to simplify your life by fulfilling the promise of handsfree telephony.

BluBeds are also the first product of wearable technology startup Innervoice Innovations Inc.

Innervoice founder & CEO David Hurwitz invented BluBeds out of a frustration in taking and making calls on the run.  Striding through an airport, heading to a meeting in London, Paris, New York or San Jose, walking the dog in Willow Glen, even sitting at his desk, he found that Bluetooth® headsets offered the promise of handsfree telephony, if only you could put your finger on the darn things.

Thus was born the BluBed™ and the great telephony transformation:
How we take calls is about to change! Now our lives will be simpler, easier.

Innervoice is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, where Hurwitz has enjoyed a terrific career as a marketing executive, entrepreneur and onetime engineer.  The name Innervoice speaks to the deeply personal nature of taking and making calls, and to Hurwitz's penchant for coming up with fundamentally practical and elegantly designed solutions for everyday challenges. He's a usability guy.

Stay tuned. Innervoice has a robust roadmap of line and category extensions in the offing.

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