Frequently Asked Questions


  • What headsets do BluBeds work with?
    • BluBeds work with most in-ear headsets.  See the Headset Fit page for a current list.
  • Why don't BluBeds work with over-the-ear headsets?
    • In-ear headsets are easy-in ­­­– easy-out, much more so than over-the-ear headsets, which aren't conducive to instant donning at the start of every call. Since BluBeds free you from wearing your headset when not on a call, they work with headsets that support that purpose. Plus, over-the-ear headsets are so bulky they don't hardly fit in a holster. Fat headsets need not apply.
  • I have a Bluetooth® speakerphone in my car. Why do I need a BluBed?
    • Speakerphones are great, especially when driving alone. However they are often awkward when not alone in the car.  Plus a car speakerphone is of no use in an airport, in an office, at a game, riding a bike, or all the other places where busy people need to take and make calls.
  • Will Bedcovers be available in additional colors?
    • Yes. BluBeds come with three Bedcovers: Black, White & Eggshell Blue. Bedcovers in many hues, shades and finishes will be available soon.  Stay tuned to @BluBedHolster for the news.