Get A Proper Fit

Match your headset to the correct Capture Clip to get a proper fit.

The barrel of your headset snaps into the Capture Clip when snapped into a BluBed.

The headset barrel is the short tube that connects the ear-bud to the mic boom.  

BluBeds come with three Capture Clips: A, B & C.

Capture Clip A  

    • Capture Clips A & B look very similar, differing primarily in their throat size, allowing them to work with headsets of different barrel diameters.
    • Capture Clip B has a stepped profile in its capture area, to work with Jabra headset's tapered barrel. You will see the letter B stamped into the clip's bottom left when installed properly.
    • Capture Clip C has the same throat size as Capture Clip A, but is angled and captures the headset farther back to accommodate headsets with longer booms.

Change A Capture Clip

It's easy to switch Capture Clips.

Install a Capture Clip by placing the BluBed on a table or other solid surface. Then press the clip's pegs into the holes in the base of the BluBed. They will snap in and be retained.

Remove a Capture Clip by pressing the split-ends of its retention pegs on the bottom of the BluBed with the end of a pen. The Capture Clip can then be removed.